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The founders created two generations ago our family based company with the intention of that their well-experienced professional duck and goose livestock in the future will expand to the sales of the finished products. Today, with the more and more good experiences we are getting closer these goals.

Our area of operation in southern Hungary is traditionally the center of the goose and duck breeding and fattening. We, as one of the largest integrators, organize and direct the production of high quality live material. Our domestic market share - especially in respect of some specific kind of geese – is very significant and greater than 20%. Our activities are very diverse, from the foster of parent couples with great genetic endowments live on our own farms, through a number of productions of the final products to the professional supervision of the processes of tight integration.

In recent years, our company has achieved great success in the production of the raw materials meet the needs of a wide range of export markets, whether they are European or Far Eastern qualitative terms or special religious observances.

As a continuation of these efforts, we are looking for professional partners who have depth knowledge of the market and provide an overview about the consumer habits of each country and regions and would cooperate with our company for the best sale of our product.

For those who are interested in our business and feel that their business awareness and their local knowledge are as outlined above, and anyway they want to establish mutually beneficial trade relations with our country, and our company, please consult us...

Our products

  • Friss és gyorsfagyasztott liba szárnytő
  • Friss és gyorsfagyasztott Moulard kacsa comb
  • Friss és gyorsfagyasztott liba szárny 2 részes (szárnyközép-szárnyvég)
  • Friss és gyorsfagyasztott liba láb
  • Friss és gyorsfagyasztott tisztított Moulard kacsa testháj
  • Friss és gyorsfagyasztott Moulard kacsa szárnytő
  • Friss és gyorsfagyasztott liba farhát
  • Friss és gyorsfagyasztott csont nélküli felezett libamell (magret)
  • Friss és gyorsfagyasztott tisztított Moulard kacsa zúza
  • Friss és gyorsfagyasztott egész Moulard kacsa belsőség nélkül (grill)
  • Friss és gyorsfagyasztott Moulard kacsa szív
  • Friss és gyorsfagyasztott Moulard kacsa máj (Foie gras)

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